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What to do if you receive an IRS tax audit notice

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Tax Law

If you are like most Americans, you may dread filling out and filing your taxes every year. This is a complicated process and hundreds or thousands of tax laws change every year.

Unfortunately, at some point, you may receive a tax audit notice. This is what you should do when you receive your letter.

Make sure it is an audit notice

If you received a certified letter from the IRS with your name and tax ID number on it, the letter is likely valid. However, it may not be an audit notice. In some cases, the IRS simply needs additional information from you or you missed something on your tax form. These cases are easy to resolve. Simply supply the IRS with what they ask for. If it is an audit notice, ask why the IRS wants to audit your taxes.

Identify how the audit will proceed

You may also receive an audit letter that clarifies your audit process. For example, you may need to visit the office or set aside time for an IRS agent to visit with you face-to-face. However, you may also receive a request for additional information via the mail. Finally, you may receive a compliance measurement program audit that requires significant documentation.

Send a response

Your first task is to write a response letter. If the IRS requested documents, get copies ready to send. Then, include your tax ID number, name and contact information, business or employee ID and the IRS agent’s name in the letter. Address the items the IRS discussed in the notice and include your supporting documents. You may request an in-person meeting, but provide several dates and times of availability.

To get the best audit resolution, save your documents for at least three years in a readily accessible location.