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The Experience You Need When Facing IRS Tax Issues As A Realtor

Since realtors typically work for themselves as business owners or independent contractors, they do not have any taxes withheld from the income that they are bringing in. The brokers for whom they work are not obligated to make the tax arrangements, and the responsibility falls on the individual realtor. This can lead to confusion around tax time every year, as there are many issues that realtors face regarding how to file their taxes properly. For the guidance you need in completing and filing your taxes as a realtor, turn to a lawyer at the Willi Law Office, LLC, in Westerville.

Representing clients throughout central Ohio, our firm is led by tax attorney Kaye P. Willi. In addition to being a highly skilled tax attorney, Ms. Willi is also a certified public accountant (CPA), enhancing her ability to provide high-quality and multifaceted representation to her realtor clients.

Types Of Services Offered That Are Tailored To Your Needs

Since we are a firm that has a wealth of knowledge and experience in tax law matters, we are able to represent clients in a wide range of tax matters, including:

  • Consulting on tax returns, including what business expenses may be tax deductible such as travel expenses and rent
  • Reviewing documentation and receipts to ensure all tax returns are completed accurately
  • Defending clients against adverse tax actions, including liens and subrogations
  • Determining the accuracy of employment classifications, such as independent contractor versus employee
  • Reviewing audit documents and representing in any audit interviews or meetings

Why Should You Have A Tax Attorney?

Most realtors, and other individuals, think that taking their tax matters to a CPA is sufficient. In some cases, it may be. In many others, it may not be. If you believe you may be facing issues with the IRS involving unpaid taxes, liens, levies, unreported income, wage garnishment or others, it is absolutely necessary to talk with a tax attorney. A CPA cannot help you with most issues involving the IRS beyond filing and preparing your tax returns. Since Ms. Willi at our firm is both a tax lawyer and a CPA, she can take the time to review your tax returns and any threatening documentation from the IRS that may indicate there are potential or current issues with the payment of a realtor’s taxes.

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Are You A Real Estate Professional?

Handling taxes as a realtor is complicated. The tax professionals at Willi Law Office, LLC, can assist you with your tax problems, including income tax audits. We can also get rid of those pesky tax liens that are blocking the sale of your listing.

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