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Client Testimonials

I just spent two sleepless weeks worrying about some tax issues with both the IRS and with Ohio. I found Mark & Kaye Willi on line and within less than 30 minutes we had set up a Zoom session for a few days later. This consult with them was the best idea I’ve had in years! Both are so knowledgeable and they were able to quickly outline a plan of action on both issues. Great folks and wonderful session and I know where I am going the next time I have tax concerns!

FBD, Cincinnati, OH

Kaye helped me negotiate a settlement with my siblings in a dispute involving the administration of my mother’s trust, thus avoiding an expensive lawsuit. She also helped me deal with problematic Federal and Ohio income tax issues involving the trust. Thank you, Kaye!

WJE, Columbus, OH

Kaye assisted me with the administration of my stepfather’s trust and the settlement of his probate estate (Knox County, Ohio) immediately following his death. She also prepares the annual income tax return for the trust. I know I can count on her sound judgment and experience to keep me out of trouble with IRS.

CWM, Dublin, OH

I came to Willi Law Office for help when my contracting business was audited by IRS. Kaye and Laurie helped me to clean up my books and negotiated a favorable settlement with IRS. Thank you!

AES, Croton, OH

When I tried to represent myself in an IRS audit of my small contracting business, the auditor disallowed all of my cost of goods sold. So I engaged Willi Law Office to represent me in Tax Court. Kaye negotiated a favorable settlement with the appeals officer before the case ever got to trial. Thank you.

MJS, Columbus, OH

I engaged Willi Law Office to settle my father’s estate and revocable living trust. Kaye and Julie did a great job of communicating with me and my siblings, and keeping us informed every step of the way. They also prepared my father’s final income tax returns as well as the income tax returns for the estate and trust – kind of like one stop shopping. Everything went smoothly, and the process was completed in a matter of months. Thank you!

MRW, Worthington, OH

After the sudden death of my adult son, I needed to sell his house (located in Worthington, Ohio) and settle his estate. At the time of his death, I was in a rehab center due to complications with my diabetes. Kaye met with me at the rehab center where I was undergoing therapy, and she guided me through every step of the probate process. She was able to send most of the paperwork that I needed to sign through the mail, so it was not necessary for me to come to her office or go to the courthouse – everything was done through the mail. After my son’s house was sold and it was time to sign the final paperwork to close out the estate, Kaye drove to my house to meet with me and get the papers signed. I could not have asked for a more hassle free experience.   Thank you!

JGG, Columbus, OH

Kaye helped me settle my mother-in-law’s estate. The estate was complicated by the fact that at the time of her death, my mother-in-law was the Executor of the estate of her daughter, who had passed seven months earlier. So I ended up having to settle two estates at one time. We had another law firm handling the daughter’s estate, which turned out to be a big mistake. Kaye was able to complete the administration of my mother-in-law’s estate much quicker and sooner, even though it involved the sale of a condo. She also handled all of the necessary tax filings. I’m grateful to Kaye and Julie for their expertise and assistance in handling my mother-in-law’s estate, and also for their kindness and patience in answering our many questions.  

JLM, Columbus, OH

I hired Willi Law Office to represent me in the audit of my personal income tax returns for two successive years. At the time I owned and operated a small business in Westerville, Ohio, and my wife was employed full time as an education administrator. The IRS auditor disallowed all of the expenses from my small printing business, so it was necessary to file an appeal. On appeal, Kaye was able to negotiate a favorable settlement for us on both years’ tax returns. Thank you.

EL, Westerville, OH

After my husband died, IRS sent me a tax bill for over $26,000, which I could not afford to pay. Kaye successfully dealt with both the IRS and State of Ohio, and was able to get my tax bill reduced to zero, so I could get on with my life. Thank you!
– CM, Columbus, OH

Kaye and Julie helped me to obtain a waiver of the tax lien on my ex-wife’s house, so that she could avoid foreclosure and get out from under a mortgage obligation that she could not afford. Kaye successfully dealt with the bank’s attorney, who was being very difficult and refusing to release the mortgage payoff numbers so that our application could be submitted and processed by IRS. We got the tax lien waived and the sale closed in time to avoid foreclosure. Thanks, Kaye!

– DBM, Washington Court House, OH

When we received notice that we were being audited by the IRS, we were in a panic. Everything I read suggested we seek professional legal guidance and not try to settle on our own. After an extensive search, we came up with Kaye and Julie at Willi Law Office, LLC, in Westerville, and we are so very glad we did. We followed their expert advice to straighten out my bookkeeping deficiencies and observed their skillful representation of our best interests to the IRS. The bottom line is the whole process was over in a few months, a fair settlement determined and they even managed to have any penalties waived. Thank you Kaye and Julie!! We highly recommend the Willi Law Office, LLC.

– Very Satisfied Clients, Westerville, OH

“When the IRS said that my small business owed $24,437 in additional taxes, the attorneys at Willi Law Office, LLC, successfully reduced my tax bill to just $1,642. Thank you!”

– Charles S., Delaware, OH

“After my divorce, our marital home was upside down due to a number of liens against my ex-husband, including large state and federal tax liens. I didn’t think we would ever be able to sell the house because of all the outstanding judgments and tax liens against my ex-husband. Kaye helped me to obtain a certificate of discharge from IRS for the large federal tax lien, and they also negotiated with the State of Ohio to release the property from over $26,000 in state tax liens. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to sell our house, and I actually netted over $47,000 on the sale! Now I can get on with my life! Thank you!”

– DKD, Westerville, OH

“Kaye resolved a difficult family situation with tact and sensitivity.”

Mike Levi, Columbus, OH

“Kaye and Julie were invaluable in helping me wrap up my father’s estate. I was so relieved to know that I could rely on them to make sure that everything was getting done correctly and on time.”

Sharon Valade, Powell, OH

“By helping my mother with her estate planning, Kaye saved my family tens of thousands of dollars in estate taxes. When the time came, everything went smoothly and according to plan.”

Howard S., Gahanna, OH

“Kaye was instrumental in helping me start my business. I know that I can rely on her sound judgment and integrity in addressing my legal issues.”

Dave Waits, Owner, Japanese Automotive Service, Hilliard, OH