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A Wide Range Of Services For CPAs And EAs

Last updated on January 27, 2023

At Willi Law Office, LLC, we are not in the tax preparation business, nor do we want to be. We respect our professional partners’ existing client relationships, and our professional partners can request assistance from us secure in the knowledge that when their client’s audit or collection issues have been resolved, their relationship with that client will remain intact.

Services For CPAs: Tax Court Representation

By using Kovel agreements, we help CPA partners in central Ohio throughout the Midwest to obtain better audit results for their clients by assisting with their Tax Court appeals. Because most CPAs are not licensed to practice in Tax Court, they often fail to advise their clients to appeal unfavorable audit results. This is a big mistake. Most Tax Court cases are never litigated. After the Tax Court complaint is filed, the case is simply sent back to appeals, and your client gets a second bite at the appeals apple. But you have to get into Tax Court first, and that is where we can help.

IRS Audit Representation

By using Kovel agreements, we regularly partner with CPAs and other tax professionals in central Ohio and throughout the Midwest in audit representation with IRS. Whether your client needs assistance with Tax Court representation, or with preparing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, we can help you to increase the scope and breadth of audit representation services you can provide for your clients, and get better results for them.

IRS Due Diligence Audits Of Tax Preparers

IRS has become extremely aggressive in targeting tax professionals for due diligence compliance audits – particularly those preparers who do a high volume of Earned Income Tax credit returns. And the penalties for noncompliance are draconian! We can assist you with this audit process and in fighting any penalties that may be assessed against you for noncompliance.

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If you are a CPA, EA, or unenrolled preparer and would like assistance with your client’s tax audit, IRS appeal, or Tax Court Appeal, call our office at 614-890-0500 for more information. We will be happy to discuss with you the various ways that we can assist you.

Are You A Real Estate Professional?

Handling taxes as a realtor is complicated. The tax professionals at Willi Law Office, LLC, can assist you with your tax problems, including income tax audits. We can also get rid of those pesky tax liens that are blocking the sale of your listing.

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