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Probate And Trust Administration

Last updated on January 27, 2023

​There is more than one way to administer a probate estate. Because we focus our firm on probate and trust administration, we are often able to identify the most cost-efficient way to get you and your family through the process while meeting your goals, from obtaining initial letters of authority to filing the final account.

Willi Law Office, LLC, is also familiar with the local rules and regulations of each county’s probate court. We can assist you with all aspects of trust administration so that the trustee complies with the Ohio Trust Code, properly notifying beneficiaries and providing the required documentation. We also assist in the preparation and filing of any reports that the probate court may require for administration of testamentary trusts.

Streamline The Estate Administration And Probate Process

Our firm has the insight you need to ensure the smooth transfer of assets. We use sophisticated tax and probate software, which allows us to streamline the estate administration and probate process and prepare necessary probate court filings quickly and efficiently. Our tax software enables us to analyze complicated tax issues quickly and efficiently, and to accurately process complicated returns with multiple issues and variables. Call our office in Westerville today at 614-890-0500 to schedule an appointment with an OSBA Board-Certified Specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law.

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