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Our Services For Bankruptcy Attorneys

Willi Law Office, LLC, is frequently engaged by bankruptcy attorneys in central Ohio and throughout the Midwest to assist with their cases – especially where their client has unpaid federal or state tax debts. The rules for determining which federal and state taxes can or cannot be discharged in bankruptcy are very complicated, and this detailed analysis can be quite complex.

We regularly assist bankruptcy attorneys in making an initial determination of which taxes can be discharged as well as in analyzing the Ohio and federal collections statutes of limitations on the client’s various tax debts to develop an overall strategy. We can also assist in preparing unfiled tax returns, where necessary.

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If you are a bankruptcy attorney and would like assistance in analyzing your client’s tax debt situation, call our office at 614-890-0500 for more information. We will be happy to discuss with you the various ways that we can assist you.

Are You A Real Estate Professional?

Handling taxes as a realtor is complicated. The tax professionals at Willi Law Office, LLC, can assist you with your tax problems, including income tax audits. We can also get rid of those pesky tax liens that are blocking the sale of your listing.

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