"When the IRS said that my small business owed $24,437 in additional taxes, the attorneys at Willi Law Office successfully reduced my tax bill to just $1,642. Thank you!"

----- Charles S., Delaware, OH

"After my divorce, our marital home was upside-down due to a number of liens against my ex-husband, including large state and federal tax liens. I didn't think we would ever be able to sell the house because of all the outstanding judgments and tax liens against my ex-husband. Kaye helped me to obtain a certificate of discharge from IRS for the large federal tax lien, and they also negotiated with the State of Ohio to release the property from over $26,000 in state tax liens. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to sell our house, and I actually netted over $47,000 on the sale! Now I can get on with my life! Thank you!"

----- DKD, Westerville, OH

"Kaye resolved a difficult family situation with tact and sensitivity."

----- Mike Levi, Columbus, OH

"Kaye and Julie were invaluable in helping me wrap up my father's estate. I was so relieved to know that I could rely on them to make sure that everything was getting done correctly and on time."

----- Sharon Valade, Powell, OH

"By helping my mother with her estate planning, Kaye saved my family tens of thousands of dollars in estate taxes. When the time came, everything went smoothly and according to plan."

----- Howard S., Gahanna, OH

"Kaye was instrumental in helping me start my business. I know that I can rely on her sound judgment and integrity in addressing my legal issues."

----- Dave Waits, Owner, Japanese Automotive Service, Hilliard, OH