IRS Audit? Deficiency Notice? Tax Lien? Let Us Help!

TaxAuditDefenseIf you have received an IRS Audit or Deficiency Notice, don't go it alone. Trying to represent yourself against the IRS is a bad idea, and in many cases your tax preparer may not be the best person to represent you. You need the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

Too many people wait too long to get professional independent representation in an IRS audit. Sometimes they even waive important taxpayer rights without realizing what they are doing! The time to get a professional involved in your tax dispute is as early as possible: don't wait until the IRS puts a lien on your house or levies your bank account.

Defend Yourself and Your Business Against The IRS

When your business has unpaid employment taxes, the IRS will attempt to seize business assets as payment. If the business still cannot pay the debts, they could attempt to settle the debts by targeting you directly. In order to best address these challenges, our firm helps you conduct the necessary analysis and in-depth financial disclosures. We have helped employers across the Columbus metro area navigate the complications of payroll tax, resolving the issues associated with their unpaid or unfiled tax debt.

If you have personal income tax debts, the IRS has several aggressive methods of satisfying those debts as well. They could impose a tax lien on your property — giving the IRS a legal right to your real estate, vehicles and financial assets. Even worse, they could impose a bank levy, freezing the funds in your bank account and using those assets to pay off your debts. If you don't have the assets to pay off your tax debt, they could garnish a portion of your wages until your debts are fully paid.

Get Help From an Experienced Tax Attorney and CPA

An experienced tax lawyer can often achieve a significant reduction in the taxes and penalties that IRS says you owe. Willi Law Office, LLC, in Westerville has decades of experience in tax law and has represented numerous individuals and businesses across Central Ohio in IRS audits, audit appeals, and in U.S. Tax Court. We offer free consultations for tax defense, call 614-890-0500 today to speak with an experienced tax attorney and CPA.