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Don’t fight the IRS alone

The IRS has teams of experts on their side, and you need an experienced professional on your side. We have over 30 years’ experience representing individuals and small businesses throughout Ohio in various IRS matters. We know their tactics and how they operate. What’s more, we know the Internal Revenue Manual -- the IRS playbook -- inside and out, so we can beat them at their own game.

Why deal with a national tax resolution company when you can deal with someone local who you can trust?

When you call one of the national 1-800 number tax resolution companies that advertise on TV and radio, you will be connected to a telemarketer – NOT a CPA or an enrolled agent. And certainly not a tax attorney. These aggressive commission salesmen have one mission and one mission only – to say whatever is necessary to get you to sign on the dotted line and give them your money. And when one of their strategies fails, then they come back and ask you for even more money! At Willi Law Office, we don’t believe in making empty promises that we know we can’t keep. Are we always successful in every case? Of course not: when dealing with the IRS there are no guarantees. But we won’t pursue any tax resolution strategy unless we have first analyzed your situation and are reasonably confident that the strategy will be successful.

Our mission is to help good people with bad tax problems

Whether in an IRS audit or in U.S. Tax Court, we fight aggressively for our clients. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than winning a hard-fought battle with the IRS and helping our clients keep more of their hard-earned money. If you have a tax problem with the IRS, you want an experienced team on your side that understands IRS tactics and is willing to fight for you.

If you owe IRS money and are unable to pay, we will determine the most advantageous payment option. Whether an installment agreement, partial-pay installment agreement, bankruptcy, non-collectible status, or offer in compromise, we will determine the option that is best for you and help you negotiate the most advantageous terms.

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Thorough Estate Planning And Probate Services

In addition to tax representation, our law firm offers thorough estate and probate services to protect your assets, your family and your business down the road. As a CPA, attorney Kaye Willi can offer unique insight into your estate plan, and can help you settle any tax matters during probate. We take the time to explore your goals and develop a tailored estate plan that strategically protects your rights and the financial interests of your family. Call our firm today to get started.


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